January 20, 2009

At 12:00 EST today, Americans say "Goodbye, Mr. President". "Hello, Mr. President". It would always strike me as odd as a child to hear the phrase "The King is dead. Long live the King." But this must be the American equivalent. As Americans, we wish them both well.

I participated in a day of service today, packing care packages for soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. It was a beautiful day here in Southern California, in the eighties. On the other side of the continent, it is bitterly cold for the people taking office, leaving office and all the observers. But half a world away, it is always bitter, so I felt like I made a contribution. A small one, but a contribution.

I read on a blog today, "Don't you love receiving gifts?" If no one is on the other end originating the effort, there would be no gifts. This person would not have that joy. I am not a great giver of gifts on imposed dates nor do I think they are so important to receive, but little reminders that one was thought of spontaneously, now that is a gift worth giving and receiving.

For the gifts we have received and the gifts we will be asked to contribute, I am grateful.

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