May 28, 2008

No Charger on the road

I got a note from Eileen at My Quilting Porch that I needed to write a post. Well, she is right. When I looked at my blog and saw it had been three months, I too was shocked at how long it had been.

I have no excuse, but I it has been a swirl of three months. My job working from home came to an abrupt end one week and two weeks later I was back in LA working. My DH stayed home so I had to find a temporary place to stay (I did, a stable in Palos Verdes with no dishwasher, washer or dryer and best of all stove. Darn, I have to eat out.) I get to go home every other weekend. And best of all, I get to sew. I have been, well actually I have been cutting. I have cut out three quilts, a schoolhouse block quilt from a collection of fat quarters I received for Christmas by Piece o cake. Love that Becky Goldsmith. She must be the perkiest grandmother on the planet.

And her stash is both perplexing and envious. It is smaller than mine, yet look at how many beautiful quilts she produces. And I am envious of how organized it is. Not only is it folded neatly and organized perfectly, which is all the rage of conversation on the quiltville group right now, which mine is not.

But back to the title of the post. My camera eats batteries. I have three which I keep charged because after a couple of pics the battery is a goner. Well, in my packing of all quilt essentials to come to Los Angeles, I did bring my camera and batteries, but no charger. And on my trips home, I have yet to remember to pick it up, so off to the store today to locate a Nikon battery. Wish me luck!