September 27, 2008

We were all lucky for having had Paul

I had the good fortune of living in Connecticut and was able to observe what a life well lived that was Paul Newman's. The two most influential men in my life, my father and husband have each instilled in me two of the guiding principles that were both beautifully represented in Mr. Newman.

My father always told me, "We are brought into this world to be stewards of it and each other, to leave it better than we found it."

And my darling husband reminds often: "I'd rather be lucky than good." "Never underestimate luck." And my personal favorite: "I was born under the grace, it was the luck of the draw."

Mr. Newman embodied both of these. He unquestionably left the world, and many of its people a better place. He sought to save the environment early, he was against war when many were rattling sabers. He help protect to bring joy to god's children as well as his creatures. But it always held in mind that he had got there were a great deal of luck and drew a pretty good hand.

In these days when we are constantly seeing examples of corporate greed and excess, he was an example of corporate good with his "Newman's Own".

He was the citizen of America and the world we can all be very proud of and should javascript:void(0)never forget that it was we who were the lucky ones to have had him among us.

Please take a moment and go to the Newman's Own website and leave a memorial message or better yet, make a donation to his beloved Hole in the Wall Gang children's charity.

Good bye, Mr. Newman