July 8, 2009

cutting remarks and quilt police

well, I have got myself in it again. I volunteered to make a quilt for a little girl whose parents are going through a bit of trouble. pink and purple, so I am cutting, cutting, cutting along with the pieces I already cut for Ann Smith's next summer mystery. Cutting, cutting, cutting.

now about those quilt police, I read a wonderful post from Nicole at Sister's Choice quilts on how she approaches making quilts. It was very liberating for those of us who are still wary of the "Quilt Police".

And speaking of Nicole, she met a wonderful challenge, from Camille at Simplify and Carrie from Miss Rosie's quilts, to post your first and most current quilt. Very brave woman. Me, not so brave but I am working on it.

July 4, 2009

it was so kind of you to remember

all over the blogosphere, everyone is wishing us a happy 25th anniversary, my dear husband and me.

that is what everyone means by "happy fourth of july", isn't it?

we are off to see the fireworks over the east river, and to begin the next twenty-five.