March 1, 2009

Stash Report

My name is Mary and I am a fabricholic. There, I said it. My new years resolution was to get these horrible disease under control and I am working on it. I had been really, really (Santa were you watching) good until this week so I am biting the selvage and will post my yardage in Judy L's Stash Report.

Here are my stats:

Stash Report for Week 9 (1 March)

  • Bought 1 2/3 yards
  • Used 8 yards
  • YTD Bought 1 2/3 yards
  • YTD Used 13 1/2 yards
  • Tops made 2
  • YTD Tops 3
  • Quilted 0
  • YTD Quilted 1
Judy Laquidara encourages us to be forthright so here it is. I am down nearly twelve yards for the year, but that is no where near my goal of one hundred yards. I pieced together two Quilts of Valor for Alicia this week. I even pieced together the backing, but I do not subtract that until it is quilted. I still hear my grandmother saying "Intending to is not doing."

So for the week, pretty good. The off the wagon buying is because my yahoo group made me do it. I am participating in the Color Wheel challenge with The Quilting Post and I drew blue violet. A color I distinctly do not own in my stash. I was sure it was going to be yellow, my least prolific color. It turned out to be blue violet, my really, really least prolific color so I bought some third yards yesterday. I may have to have more, I like it.

Piece, love and matched points, Mary