July 23, 2010

friday night cut up

I have participated, very quietly, in the Friday night sew-in before but I actually added my name to the list this time.

It will not actually be a Friday Night Sew-IN but a Friday Night Cut Up.  I have a stack of fabric to cut. I have been making the jelly roll sew along blocks. Not from a jelly roll, but from some black and white and red and white strips I had.  Well, I am liking it so much, I am adding some other blocks to the twelve that will come out of the sew along. I bought a great border print I found on the Southern California Quilter's Run last month. It is black and white and red and LIME GREEN. How fun.

I also have a baby quilt to make for a new grand niece. So more cutting for that, plus two backings plus binding. Cut, cut, cut.

I need a distraction. I went to the Long Beach International Quilt show today. I have attended all of them so far and they all have been a disappointment. While there were some larger quilts this time, most of the show was recycled wall quilts forom the Hoffman challenge or Houston last fall, etc.  There are three big quilt shows now in California and this one definitely ranks a distant third to Pacific International and Road to California. I may have to skip 2011.  So it is Friday night cutting for me.

July 4, 2010

happy in the red, white and blue.

Independence day.  There is something quite ethereal about walking through Independence Hall in Philadelphia where those brave men took a tremendous leap of faith and started our country more than 200 years ago.

It is also very special to me.  It was on Independence day when I married the Dude.  Why do I call him "the Dude"?  Because everyone who meets him makes the correlation. Think The Big Lewboski but much more articulate.

Anyway, Indpendence day makes the perfect anniversary. One, you never have to work.  Two, your husband NEVER forgets and three, there are always fireworks.

So Happy Independence day to my fellow Americans and especially to the Dude.

photo from Eric Flexyourhead's photostream on Flickr