August 30, 2009

well it is a little progress

a wee bit, but progress. It was almost 100 degrees here today and the fans were not cutting it, so I decide to cut outside on the porch.

I cut over one hundred two and half inch strips, but then I needed to sew. So I took the machine out on the patio table on the porch, removed the cutting mat and sewed. I got most of the blocks for this quilt top together. It was a little windy, a little dusty, but I also made a little progress.

and then the bee got me. so I gather my stuff and headed for an ice pack. ah, progress.

July 8, 2009

cutting remarks and quilt police

well, I have got myself in it again. I volunteered to make a quilt for a little girl whose parents are going through a bit of trouble. pink and purple, so I am cutting, cutting, cutting along with the pieces I already cut for Ann Smith's next summer mystery. Cutting, cutting, cutting.

now about those quilt police, I read a wonderful post from Nicole at Sister's Choice quilts on how she approaches making quilts. It was very liberating for those of us who are still wary of the "Quilt Police".

And speaking of Nicole, she met a wonderful challenge, from Camille at Simplify and Carrie from Miss Rosie's quilts, to post your first and most current quilt. Very brave woman. Me, not so brave but I am working on it.

July 4, 2009

it was so kind of you to remember

all over the blogosphere, everyone is wishing us a happy 25th anniversary, my dear husband and me.

that is what everyone means by "happy fourth of july", isn't it?

we are off to see the fireworks over the east river, and to begin the next twenty-five.


June 20, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things

It has been a long time recoverying. I fell and pulled the ligaments in my wrist on both sides before Christmas last year. It was a painful time. The doctor said, unlike a break, it might take six months to heal. Well, it is now six months. I thought he was being cautious. He was being accurate.

Every time I would think I was fine, I would twist my wrist just a certain way and it would remind me that I still had not completed my six months. Driving back and forth between here and the Sierras every other weekend, It took four months before i could hold the steering wheel with both hands for the six hour drive.

Long story short, I am slowing getting back to quilting. I had made a promise to do four quilts of valor by Mother's day which I got the tops pieced but sent them to be quilted and bound. I just did not have the strength in my hands to do much more.

A couple of weeks ago, I thought since it was the first of June (six months) I would start a new project. I was going to do Dana's quilt along at the Old Red Barn. How hard could this one be? So I gathered my half yards of fabric and got ready to cut.

We quilters are constantly being told to be careful with rotary cutters. They are dangerous things. I am always especially careful to close mine at home least the cat jump up on an open blade, but I was cutting in LA so not to worry. You know what is coming, don't you? Since these were all 2 1/2 inch strips I was using my June Tailer Shape cut. First strip, no problem. Second strip, I saw it coming but could not stop in time and nearly cut the end of my index finger off. It is like being in an serious accident (I have three times) and everything is in slow motion but you still can not stop it.

So this weekend, bandage stitched finger and all, I am going to get all those trips cut. 84 strips, I have sixty done and twenty four to go, so I am definitely getting back in the "swing of things".

I still have not found my cord for my camera, Eileen, so I will just have to break down and buy a new camera I guess. But I am coming back.


March 1, 2009

Stash Report

My name is Mary and I am a fabricholic. There, I said it. My new years resolution was to get these horrible disease under control and I am working on it. I had been really, really (Santa were you watching) good until this week so I am biting the selvage and will post my yardage in Judy L's Stash Report.

Here are my stats:

Stash Report for Week 9 (1 March)

  • Bought 1 2/3 yards
  • Used 8 yards
  • YTD Bought 1 2/3 yards
  • YTD Used 13 1/2 yards
  • Tops made 2
  • YTD Tops 3
  • Quilted 0
  • YTD Quilted 1
Judy Laquidara encourages us to be forthright so here it is. I am down nearly twelve yards for the year, but that is no where near my goal of one hundred yards. I pieced together two Quilts of Valor for Alicia this week. I even pieced together the backing, but I do not subtract that until it is quilted. I still hear my grandmother saying "Intending to is not doing."

So for the week, pretty good. The off the wagon buying is because my yahoo group made me do it. I am participating in the Color Wheel challenge with The Quilting Post and I drew blue violet. A color I distinctly do not own in my stash. I was sure it was going to be yellow, my least prolific color. It turned out to be blue violet, my really, really least prolific color so I bought some third yards yesterday. I may have to have more, I like it.

Piece, love and matched points, Mary

February 14, 2009

To quote the great philosophers, Lennon and McCarthey:

There's nothing you can do that can't be done.
Nothing you can sing that can't be sung.
Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game
It's easy.
There's nothing you can make that can't be made.
No one you can save that can't be saved.
Nothing you can do but you can learn how
to be you
in time - It's easy. All you need is ...

and a lovely sculpture in Philadelphia by Robert Indiana

January 22, 2009


Is the same goblin that hides my camera cable to upload pictures every time I want to do so, the same one that eats one of my husband's white socks about every third dryer load?

Top Ten Reasons Socks Disappear from the Dryer

So, there will be no pictures today.

I went to the Road to California last week and took a few photos so I will try to post them. But I do want to mention two of my favorite blogs I have been following:

The first is from the yahoo group "Quilting on a budget". The post today is about free Valentine patterns. Where was this when I was looking for patterns.

I am participating in my first ever block swap, heart blocks. The "Forty year old Virgin" has nothing on me. I took a picture of my fabrics and was going to post my block after the swap, I assume that is proper etiquette. That is what I was looking for the cable. I am also doing a vintage valentine swap. I love Valentine's day. It is such a personal holiday.

Oh , back to good posts. If you have never seen The Daily Coyote website, it is a treat. It is about Charlie the coyote who was adopted by a human and tomcat at 10 days old after his mom was killed. It is a wonderful photo diary. And today's picture is too precious.
I do not have permission to use her photograph but please click here.
Note: on the list of Valentine's projects is a wall hanging which looks suspiciously like the one in Crystal Carter's book Holiday Happenings although there is no credit.

January 20, 2009

It's Yellow

The color of the moment is Yellow। There has been wide spread speculation about what Michelle Obama would wear for the inauguration? Who would she wear? What color would she wear?

But now the speculation is over. It is
Yellow We have been told she has a preference for Jewel Tones. The blog, Mrs. O, Mrs. T reported that she had commissioned a series of outfits in jewel tones from Maria Conejo. We saw the purple from Ms. Conejo on the train trip this past weekend.

But yellow it is. And Isabel Toledo yellow. 

Karen at Living Life at Lee Haven called for a quilt to commemorate the inauguration and to make it a tradition. Agreeing that this was a wonderful idea. So last night I pulled purple, blues from her day of service and kids concert and preemptively started pulling white, as I thought that would be her color of choice today. 

The three designers she has chosen on this most important four days are Narciso Rodriguez, the son of Cuban immigrants who designed the most important dress of 1999, Carolyn Bessette's wedding dress when she wed JFK, Jr., Mario Cornejo, Brooklyn based, Chilean born, by way of London and now Isabel Toledo, Cuban born, Kent State educated. All Americans with Hispanic and circuitous routes to highlight this colorful event. Nothing safe, like Ralph Lauren on Calvin Klein, in the choice. I guess this will not be a safe quilt.

But it is back to the yellow. Oh and touches of green in the gloves and shoes. Yellow is the color I have least of in my stash. Maybe that will have to change to. Yellow is hopeful, sunny, optimistic and will make my quilt more so with the addition of yellow. I plan to donate this quilt, rather than keep it. And I will be making it with "the Audacity of Hope."

And who knows, the inaugural gown is still to come. I may get my white. Alex Anderson once said in a class I took, "Everything looks clearer with white." We need clarity.

At 12:00 EST today, Americans say "Goodbye, Mr. President". "Hello, Mr. President". It would always strike me as odd as a child to hear the phrase "The King is dead. Long live the King." But this must be the American equivalent. As Americans, we wish them both well.

I participated in a day of service today, packing care packages for soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. It was a beautiful day here in Southern California, in the eighties. On the other side of the continent, it is bitterly cold for the people taking office, leaving office and all the observers. But half a world away, it is always bitter, so I felt like I made a contribution. A small one, but a contribution.

I read on a blog today, "Don't you love receiving gifts?" If no one is on the other end originating the effort, there would be no gifts. This person would not have that joy. I am not a great giver of gifts on imposed dates nor do I think they are so important to receive, but little reminders that one was thought of spontaneously, now that is a gift worth giving and receiving.

For the gifts we have received and the gifts we will be asked to contribute, I am grateful.