September 30, 2011

wanna win a blue ribbon?

I went to the annual quilt show in Sonora. It is put on by the Sierra Quilt Guild. It was still a very summery day here in the Sierra Foothills but the show was a delight.  The shoe is held at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds in Sonora and occupies three buildings.  It is an annual event and always a joy come September. I had been out of town the past couple of years so I wanted very much to see the show.
This is a Pam Bono quilt, Out of Darkness, In the beginning, I think.  I apologize for not getting a close-up of the information card so I do not know any of the particulars. There were lots of people and I hate it when someone stands in front of a quilt for five minutes taking pictures so all anyone else sees is the back of his/her head. But the creators should be recognized,

These were equally lovely but again no information.

I did however meet the lovely Kay MacKenzie of All About Applique fame.  Her applique work in person is awesome and so tiny, oh my. She is gracious and charming in person as she is her blog.

If you are ever in the Sierras the third weekend in September, try to catch this show.

Oh yes, about how to win a blue ribbon. A couple of weeks earlier, I went to my local county fair. We don't have a quilt guild here so I wanted to see the quilts that were entered in the show and what won a ribbon.  There were 10 quilts entered into the fair this year. Now they give out four ribbons per category and there are eleven categories, so doing the math that 44 ribbons and a few blue ones were not even awarded. Wanna enter next year?

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