July 23, 2010

friday night cut up

I have participated, very quietly, in the Friday night sew-in before but I actually added my name to the list this time.

It will not actually be a Friday Night Sew-IN but a Friday Night Cut Up.  I have a stack of fabric to cut. I have been making the jelly roll sew along blocks. Not from a jelly roll, but from some black and white and red and white strips I had.  Well, I am liking it so much, I am adding some other blocks to the twelve that will come out of the sew along. I bought a great border print I found on the Southern California Quilter's Run last month. It is black and white and red and LIME GREEN. How fun.

I also have a baby quilt to make for a new grand niece. So more cutting for that, plus two backings plus binding. Cut, cut, cut.

I need a distraction. I went to the Long Beach International Quilt show today. I have attended all of them so far and they all have been a disappointment. While there were some larger quilts this time, most of the show was recycled wall quilts forom the Hoffman challenge or Houston last fall, etc.  There are three big quilt shows now in California and this one definitely ranks a distant third to Pacific International and Road to California. I may have to skip 2011.  So it is Friday night cutting for me.


Angie said...

I know what you mean about Friday night catch up with a sew in. That is interesting about the quilt show. I am "new" to quilting and have only been to one show. I have been seeing a lot of bloggers talk about the international quilt show happening....either way, it was probably fun to see a lot of quilter and quilts in one place!!
Angie at www.craftedAngles.com

Pattilou said...

I've been to several quilt shows in Utah and I like the small one my quilt guild hosts every other year in Moab (Delicate Stitchers after the Delicate Arch found there). I don't get the overwhelm that I get in larger shows and get to spend more time viewing each quilt and renewing friendships from there since I've moved away. It's fun to go to the Springville Art Museum's quilt show too, which displays quilts for a few weeks. One can meander through the displays and not be distracted by the crowds. Many my camera saves what I can't remember and I return to the pictures for some inspiration. Seems to be a sensory overload at quilt shows and many times, I pass them up to just stay home and quilt!

Your lime green sounds fun. Always a sucker for lime green am I.