February 26, 2008

math challenged

Well this month is almost over so I better post something to make a feeble attempt at being a blogger. My excuse was a dead and unable to hold a re-charge camera battery. I sent off for two new ones. My camera is three years old, which according to the salesman at Best Buy makes if nearly from the Archean era. The new batteries do not seem to hold a charge either so I may have a camera ground issue. Another story.

This has been a month of travel and illness. I caught a cold while traveling for business which I have done three of the four weeks this month. While home on the weekend recuperating, my darling husband gave me the alternate version of the cold which he had caught from our handy man. So three weeks traveling and two weeks of cold do not add up to much quilting time.

I had grand plans of finishing two tops by the end of January. I only finished one and it was this month. I have to say as an person holding an undergraduate degree in Mathematics, it is embarrassing to subtract forty two from forty nine and get SIX. I needed to add another row to the green and purple top I had shown you here. It was six by seven blocks but to get it to fit a queen bed it needed another row to be square. I did the math in my head, made six more blocks, sewed them on and had the longest narrowest queen quilt you have ever seen.

One night when recovering from the cold, it came to me in a dream what I had done and I got up then and ripped off the too long row, made another block, sewed the row back on to the right side. I had the borders which are checkerboard, done long ago. I had used all those four patches as leaders and enders using Bonnie Hunter's principles. So the rest went together quickly.

It is off at the quilters now. I forgot to take a picture of the top before it left but will post one when it returns. Here is one before the borders, unpressed, nothing.

It is beginning to look like spring here. Daffodil leaves are beginning to show their heads, so I may have to do some spring garden clean up before much quilting gets done. Although I did notice a huge stack of Amish solids, I think an inheritance from my mother that I am toying with a pattern for. Something based on Home and Hearth or Fathers Choice. More soon.

Hopeful for spring, Mary

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